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Under FAMILY TREE you see in the first place a list of all familynames in our familytree.
Subsequently you can choose the ancestral tables of Erik H. Wenzel and his wife Mieke Dircksens. You can take the actual table as an index (4 generations) and then Wenzel (with Verleger and Kalt), Reitsma (with Boekhout), Schampers, Dircksens, Matthijssen, de Bont and Mandigers. In addition the partners of our children Fros and Akkerman (Boltini). Also the genealogy (descendants) of our oldest Wen(t)zel is present. Then sources & acknowledgements, explanations and codes used. To conclude this chapter some pictures of the younger generations.

Under WENZEL you see the Wenzel Databank, well known by some of you: thousands of individuals with the familynames Wenzel, Wentsel, Wentzel, Wenzel, Wenceslau, Wenselaar, Wentzeler a.s.o. and their close relatives can be found in this databank. Mainly from the Netherlands, Germany and former states, Canada, USA and South-Africa. Also you will find here the name Wenzel explaned. Then sources & acknowledgements, explanations and codes used.

Under CONTACT you will find my email, where you are kindly invited to post your alterations, additions and other positive commentary. I did hide the email a little, because I don't like spam. You can also find the disclaimer here.

Under LINKS my link-collection, mainly genealogic links.

Under NEWS an overview of the alterations and additions that have been introduced since 01- 01-2006.

You can also choose for dutch or german.

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